ESM 5344
Wave Propagation in Solids

Spring 2011 Semester, CRN# 13128                                         
Tuesday/Thrusday: 2:00PM - 3:15PM
Location: Hanncock 209

Virginia Tech
College of Engineering

INSTRUCTOR:Ronald D. Kriz, 300 Norris Hall, 231-4386
Office Hours
To be announced. Other times by appointment only;
primary contact by email,, or call 231-4386 the day before or earlier. See instructor for special arrangements.
Text Class notes and handouts
Prerequisite ESM 5014: Continuum Mechanics
Letter Grades A:100-93; A-:92-90
B+:89-87; B:86-83; B-:82-80
C+:79-77 C:76-73 C-:72-70
D+:69-67 D:66-63 D-:62-60
Students are encouraged to contact Dr. R.D. Kriz via email at

Final Exam: 1:05-3:05PM, Wednesday May 11, 2011

Homework Assignments Posted

Class information on weighting, tests, homework, project, lecture outline, references

Interactive Web-based simulations on topics discussed in class:

Simulations require a Java enabled browser with VRML plugins to vew simulation results.
Information on Java,VRML plugins, and system configuraiton was created by NIST to probe
( and report back current versions of Java and VRML
plugins installed on your operating system. Unfortunately this probe has been discontinued
and you are on your own. When content was moved from the old domain to the new
domain (, the Java web forms, that existed in the lower half of the simulation web
page, that was used to submit a simulation, no longer work on the new off-campus domain.
However the VRML-2 files in the "simulation results" links can be viewed using FreeWRL.

Work in progress: Because of security issues Java was abandon, and other APIs will be used
to construct new NPIB forms that will be used to submit the existing simulations shown below.

(NOTE: RED links: simulations setup and submitted to the SV-server which no longer exists after I retired.
              GREEN links: Simulations setup on ESM-server use to be submitted to the SV-server, so these
              GREEN links can only setup and access archived simulation results, and with FreeWRL you
              can view VRML-2 fourth order tensor glyph results.

Topics discussed in class based on results using simulations above:

Engineering Science and Mechanics: ESM5344

Any comments and suggestions about the material presented above,
please contact Ron Kriz at

Virginia Tech
College of Engineering

September 2016: Retired 2015. Content updated and moved from the old on-campus domain ( to a new off-campus domain ( Simulations allowed on this off-campus server, but, because of security, NPIB has abandoned Java and new APIs (TBD) will be used to rebuild NPIB forms that submit simulations. Reconstructing NPIB will take sometime.

January 2011: Virginia Tech policy no longer allowed individual web servers so content was moved to ESM-server where simulations were not allowed

Original January 2009:

Revised October 2016