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Waves propagate in solids in a very special way. The stiffness properties define the elastic properties in a specific crystal, either isotropic or anisotropic. Having each direction in the crystal differences in the stiffness constant with respect to others, they have also differences in the resistance or facility for flux energy passing. As a result of this the energy flux takes some preferred directions which are not always perpendicular to the source.

The slowness velocity graphs for crystals allows predict energy flux deviations and solve the wave reflection-refraction problems.

In order to generate these slowness velocity graphs, it is necessary to use the wave equations and the material properties of the crystals.

This project allows the user to generate the slowness surfaces in an excel application.


To apply specific course knowledge in a practical application (useful not only for personal learning process but also for any other person who wants to get involved).

To describe the application tool in an open user's manual guide included in this document.

To identify the capabilities, limitations and possible improvements to the application.

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